Staycation Psychedelic Weekend in Arizona

A Weekend Journey with David Romanelli and Ajona Olsen

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The experience

If you live in Arizona, this is an extraordinary opportunity to stay local but travel inward and embrace the transformative healing of psychedelic medicine.If you are coming from outside Arizona this is an opportunity to create an epic weekend in the desert around your two psychedelic journeys.Take 4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday to step out of your day-to-day and into the power of ketamine-assisted therapy in Phoenix.

What's included?

Your Staycation will include:Introduction and orientation into the transformative powers of ketamine-assisted healing.Two ketamine psychedelic journeys at Daytryp Health with opening and closing ceremonies and integration.7-Day integrative meditation series with Tript for continuous integration.Ongoing access to weekly integration circles at Daytryp Heath.

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May Itinerary

Thursday May 18
7 pm - Orientation
If you are local to Arizona, you’ll enjoy this experience at Daytryp. If you are coming from out of town, you can join us on FaceTime or Zoom for an orientation on what’s to come in your staycation weekend. We’ll talk about the best way to prepare, how to tune your diet, and get ready for two unforgettable journeys.Saturday, May 20
12 pm - 4 pm - Journey 1
Embark on your first ketamine journey at Daytryp Health. We’ll begin with the time and space to relax, and connect with your guide and group. You’ll then get comfortable in your own room, lying back as you ready yourself with the eye cover and noise cancelling headphones. You’ll begin your journey with the help of the nurse practitioner and your own guide, and be in the medicine for 60-90 minutes. After, you’ll resurface for an integration circle with the group and reflect, share, and relax into the insights, freedom, and discoveries.Sunday, May 21
12pm - 4pm - Journey 2
You’ll return to Daytryp for Day 2. We’ll help you get grounded, and reconnect with an opening ceremony. You’ll return to your private space, relax, and begin your second journey, which is often stronger and deeper than the first. You will always be under the watchful eye of the nurse practitioner and your own guide. After, you’ll resurface for a soothing integration session and a closing ceremony to conclude an epic weekend.

Continued Integration

7 Day TRIPT Integration
To support you in grounding your psychedelic journeys into your relationships, work, and routines, we’ll send you a follow-up 7 day integration program. This will give you tools you can connect to, over and over, to keep your psychedelic reset and insights at the forefront of your routines and habits.
Weekly Integration Circles
As an additional tool, you’ll have access to weekly integration circles at Daytryp to feel connected to the community and share and learn ways with others who have experienced psychedelic journeys are blazing new trails and healing old ones.

What's not included?

Transportation to and from Daytryp
If you are interested in an all-inclusive experience, visit here to learn more

Meet your guides

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David Romanelli

Father, Author & Meditation Guide

As a bestselling author, and wellness innovator, David Romanelli has dedicated much of his life to teaching skills for happiness and peace of mind. But when his 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in 2020, David dealt with another level of challenges.Psychedelic therapy was profoundly helpful in addressing trauma and coming to life with fresh perspective. This created a shift in his career path and David began refocusing his meditation platform as an integration tool.

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Ajona Olsen

Mother, Medical Director at Daytryp Health

"The ones among you who will be truly happy are those who have sought and found a way to serve.” Ajona has lived her life with this motto in mind. She found happiness by helping her patients - first in the hospital as an RN, then as a nurse practitioner, and now in her psychedelic assisted therapy practice. Long before she began her medical career in 2001, she knew she’d serve others by helping them heal. After working in our western medical system for twenty one years, she saw a need for change in healthcare, and found the healing power of therapy with psychedelics. She opened her own practice to serve those on a journey toward healing and, now is the Medical Director for Daytryp Health, which supports your emotional, spiritual and mental health with the intentional use of psychedelic medicine. Ajona is an avid yoga enthusiast and enjoy spending time with her family.


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“The retreat was so transformational for my mental health. Feels like a year-long sabbatical in one epic weekend.”
Marilyn, Seattle
“The experience, the people, the ceremony, the integration, everything was first class all the way!”
Alan, Los Angeles

“Usually this kind of experience takes place in a clinical setting. This setting was like a world class spa in a deeply soothing environment.”
Rebecca, Phoenix
“While this was a totally different type of (inner) travel, it was right there with my greatest travel adventures.”
Brandon, New York City

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About Daytryp Health

Daytryp Health utilizes the intentional use of legal psychedelic medicines combined with psychotherapy to support emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness.When you enter our healing treatment centers, an immersive and transformative experience begins. In a beautiful and calming environment, we facilitate safe and effective psychedelic treatments for mental wellness – supported by medically trained professionals with decades of experience.Ketamine-assisted therapy is a highly effective and medically proven psychedelic treatment for addiction, depression, PTSD, anxiety, trauma, and more.

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